Energy Medicine

The world is beginning to accept a new era in the healing arts. Tired of attempting to cure all of our ills with a pill, people are looking at different approaches to old problems.  The premise for energy medicine is that the body has the capability to heal itself.  Some forms of energy medicine use an outside practitioner who may facilitate the healing within a particular modality. Others you can perform on and by yourself.  Some of the more recognized energy medicine practices are Rieki, Hands on Healing, acupressure, acupuncture, qigong, Emotional Freedom Technique, magnetic therapy, hypnotherapy to name just a few.  Some people like to use the creative arts, such as painting as therapy and what helps the mind, helps the body. As the awareness in this field has grown so has the number of different techniques.

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No One Is Going to Save You

With the economy beginning to see real recovery there are plenty of lessons learned and not to be repeated. A huge lesson that has come out of the past few years for this author is; we have to take control of our own destiny. We have to be entrepreneurial. Where is the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country? It’s showing up all over the place. It had to lay low for awhile as banks weren’t funding individuals and crowd-sourcing was barely a working concept. But there are too many budding minds to keep under wraps.

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